Shape Collage

Shape Collage 3.1

Automatically create collage in various shapes

Creates photo collages using personal photos in different forms and with a few simple clicks. Provides some basic customization as well.

Shape Collage certainly has a descriptive name. This tool can create a collage out of multiple pictures and organize them in a given pattern. The program is so intuitive that it can be used by any type of user, including young children. However, it is a shame that it does not have an attractive interface, even more, considering its purpose.

To use the tool, you can start by selecting the photographs you want to use, which you can import from a standard folder or download from a Cloud location as well. The tool supports the most popular picture file types. Unluckily, when the desired pictures are in various subfolders, you need to browse for them one by one. It would be nice if there were a possibility to automatically detect all the pictures in subfolders.

Once you have picked the images you want to use, you can also set collage properties. Probably, the one that most affects the final look is the shape. In this regard, it is allowed to use preset shapes, such as rectangles, hearts, grids, and circles. Likewise, you can use letters and text as well as draw a custom shape. Moreover, you can set a size and limit the number of images to use. Pictures can be organized with different levels of randomness. The final look can also be complemented by setting the desired background properties, using transparency, color or even another picture.

Although the program can be used at no cost for non-commercial purposes, you need to purchase its Pro version to access some additional features. These include exporting to Photoshop formats and arranging pictures manually.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lets you draw the desired collage shape
  • Imports photos from the web
  • Supports various picture file types


  • Cannot import all pictures in subfolders
  • Unattractive interface
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